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Past Projects

Coldwell Banker Lifestyles

During my tenure at Coldwell Banker Lifestyles, I spearheaded projects aimed at promoting Realtors and enhancing the company's visibility. These initiatives were crafted to resonate with realtors, staff, clients and customers.

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WestBeth Entertainment

Commissioned designs for WestBeth Entertainment, an esteemed off-Broadway production company. These designs were specifically tailored for Isaac Mizrahi's I&Me tour, showcasing the unique vision and style of both the production and Mizrahi himself.

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Commissioned designs for CheesyChick95, a renowned online gaming Twitch streamer boasting over 200,000 subscribers. These designs were meticulously crafted to elevate the streamer's brand and resonate with her dedicated fan base.

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Lake Sunapee Tree Service

Collaborated with company owners to craft a fresh logo, design compelling print advertisements, and create engaging social media content to accompany their transition through a business name change and comprehensive rebranding effort.

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Wilmot Volunteer Fire Department

Commissioned designs for a variety of projects, from t-shirts and posters to patches and more. Deliverables communicated the fire department's mission and values, helping them with recruitment, retention, and community support.

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Other Favorites

Commissioned for a range of needs, including print materials, logo designs, digital graphics, apparel designs, and beyond.

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